Retail Groups

We work with retailers to ensure their energy supplies are actively managed across a dispersed and multi-site estate. Our goal is to take away the hassle of managing suppliers, and allowing you to focus on what you do best: running a successful business.

To work with us is to know that we do whatever’s necessary to find and implement the perfect procurement solution for your retail group. Whether fixed or flexible purchasing, joining a buying basket, choosing a specific contract length, or simply placing all sites with the same supplier and arranging a common end date – we’ll make sure you enjoy the best possible price for each and every location.

Our services are also made-to-measure for retailers. From the moment you buy or sell a property, we’ll undertake all the relevant admin, validate all invoices coming into the business, and monitor consumption on a site-by-site basis.

In addition, we’ll also provide a central point of contact for directing all your energy concerns – thereby making like a whole lot easier for both head office and individual branches.

Our services for retail groups include:

  • Energy procurement
  • Utility bill validation
  • Siteworks
  • SMART metering
  • Consumption reduction initiatives
  • Basket buying

What this means in practice is that we typically work with companies that are comprised of multiple stores, and help them to simplify their energy procurement – as well as guaranteeing ‘best possible’ contract prices.

To do that, we first look to place all sites on a single contract with a common and date to minimise the management overhead of handling renewals. Then there’s our routine invoice validation service. With this in place you simply send us your energy bills, and we’ll get to work checking them and making sure they’re accurate and not estimated.

In addition, we’ll liaise with different branches to obtain detailed meter readings, and report back overall energy consumption levels across the entire group to head office. From the insights this data affords, you’ll be sure that any instances of overpayment are being addressed (including refunds), and have the reassurance of knowing that the group’s making the most of volume discounts to put in place the contracts most relevant for your business strategy.

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