Property management

Power Direct has established long-term working relationships with a number of property management companies, and act as a one-stop shop for all their energy enquiries irrespective of supplier and set-up.

It helps that we ‘get’ the industry, and the challenges that can arise when placing contracts for commercial properties that are managed by one company, owned by another, and occupied by yet another. That’s why at Power Direct, we’re highly skilled in assessing specific contractual clauses, the level of risk they introduce, and the cost implications – as well as planning and managing future negotiations to get you the best deal.

In part our job is managing complexity, particularly when multiple parties are involved in the decision-making process. It’s here that we’ll do what we can to simplify the activity and, for example, often gather indicative prices so that all parties can see the exact cost/composition of contracts open to them. Once a date for the final decision is agreed, we’ll also refresh the prices of shortlisted suppliers to support the nominated signatory.

Not that we stop there. We also offer clients the opportunity to pass responsibility for all their energy supplies to us no matter how many properties they manage – thereby providing them with a single, centralised port of call for any queries about their gas and electricity contracts. The value this arrangement delivers back can be measured in time and cost savings, as well as the reassurance of knowing you have an energy expert acting as a true extension of your team.

Other services for property management companies include:

  • Chasing undelivered invoices and validating their accuracy
  • Querying charges or payments if deemed inaccurate
  • Assuring energy supply to individual premises
  • Reviewing the kVA on site to establish usage levels
  • Creation of monthly consumption reports
  • Managing changes of tenancy, meter faults, installations, and removals
  • Dealing with a meter operator contract refunds
  • Negotiating security deposits
  • Disputing unauthorised contracts put in place by suppliers

With Power Direct you can outsource all your energy sourcing concerns, allow us to manage the supply contract, and watch as we respond to queries and seek all avenues for obtaining refunds and compensation when instances of inaccurate billing are detected.

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