Care homes

As a healthcare professional you need an energy partner you can trust. A partner with energy experts protecting your budget by ensuring you’re only paying for the energy you use; to whom you can make one call to resolve any energy query across all your sites; and who can save you time by managing your energy issues so you can get on with the business of care.

We have a long history of supporting clients in the care sector and our expertise is supported by our partnerships with some of the UK’s leading care associations.

But what real-life benefits do we deliver? Well as an example let’s look at Rajan Madlani, who has adopted our invoice validation service for his group of five care homes. Raj has been so pleased with the service he now looks to us to handle all of his energy requirements. As a result, he’s not only ensured best price – he also has peace of mind that we’ll solve any problems if and when they arise.

To give you an idea of the scope of the work completed for Raj, we have:

  • Completed the procurement of the energy supply for 5 gas and 5 electricity meters
  • Arranged for a change on the national database for one particular meter to ensure it was priced to an accurate consumption level – which in turn led to lower prices being offered by suppliers at renewal
  • Ensured all bills are based on accurate estimates by arranging for the fitting of SMART meters to help monitor consumption on specific sites
  • Managed the correct transfer of billing detail when suppliers have been changed to ensure consistency of cost and the avoidance of repeat billing for the same supply
  • Put in place the correct VAT rate to avoid overpayment – or the ability to reclaim it as a direct cost
  • Managed seven instances where Raj received energy bills in error due to a glitch in the billing system, highlighted the issue to the supplier (they hadn’t noticed the issue), and arranged for all the bills to be cancelled
  • Applied direct debits to the billing for two meters that had been missing when a new supplier took over one site, thus preventing a build-up of debt on the account

The above offers numerous examples of the work Power Direct performs for our Care Home clients: work that can help save significant time and money, and remove the hassle of seeking refunds from suppliers for past mistakes.

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