Since April 2017, businesses, charities and public sector organisations in England have been able to choose their water supplier. This has freed organisations from buying water services from their regional supplier, and allowed new suppliers to enter the market. The change has enabled businesses to gain from the competition within the market to drive improved service and lower prices – just as they do with gas and electricity.

Too many organisations have not exercised their right to switch, which means that they will have been automatically placed in a ‘deemed contract’ with their existing supplier, or associated water retailer. Ofwat introduced tariff caps for deemed contracts that were designed to protect those consumers who did not wish to engage in the water market. But those caps are due to be lifted from 1 April 2020, which means that businesses that have not actively switched supplier will face increased retail costs for their water supply.

We have partnered with Source for Business to offer all our customers a better retail price for their water, facilitated through a buying group.

Although it is not possible to negotiate on your wholesale costs, it is possible to negotiate on your retail costs, and joining together with other businesses can drive the costs down. Our water buying group enables participants to leverage the economies of scale that being part of a buying group offers.

What are your options?

We will provide a price for a three-year fixed contract and offer you 24 hours to opt out should you not wish to proceed.

We will charge £60 per water meter for a contract only service.

We will charge £100 per meter for a full water management service. The service provides a dedicated account manager and a bill checking service to ensure that bills are correct before payment is made. We will also make routine calls to each site to obtain reads in order to monitor consumption and avoid any dispute resolution. Where disputes do arise, your account manager will liaise with the necessary parties on your behalf to resolve them.

Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that we will keep you updated about any changes in legislation that may affect you.

We selected Source for Business as our partner because they share our values around transparency of prices and commitment to customer service.

What are the benefits of our water buying basket?

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