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W J Yapp Trust is the proud owner of the Derbyshire House Nursing Home based in Loughborough. Offering day, respite, and residential care, it’s an award-winning establishment, and holder of the Gold Standards Framework for end of life care.

In 2012 Power Direct acquired the business of Budget Control UK, a specialist consultancy dealing with care homes. It was through this acquisition that Power Direct began working with the Trust. Budget Control have worked with the Trust for a number of years to ensure practical and cost-effective energy procurement – and established a close and trusted working relationship with the team of care professionals running the home.


Problems began when the incumbent supplier removed an old meter in favour of a new, shinier, and larger version. The trouble was they then aggregated the old meter (the one having been removed!) and the newly installed model. Luckily we were immediately on the case, raising a query on behalf of the client, ensuring the billing issue was corrected, inaccurate bills cancelled and recharged correctly.

However, challenges remained. The supplier had also failed to update metering details on the national administration system, meaning the aggregation problem persisted. It also meant that when the supply became due for renewal it couldn’t be properly priced, and a lock-in with the supplier existed in terms of future contract negotiations. The result was our client being charged outside of contract rates while updates to the central system occurred and the supply was transferred to a new supplier.


Our priority was of course to address the billing issue as quickly as possible, and ensuring the correct bills were being raised and issued. At the same time we also addressed the problem caused by metering details not being registered, and were soon busy dealing with queries and negotiating with the supplier to highlight the inconvenience caused to our client.

The result: the team at Power Direct was successful in obtaining £330 in compensation to offset the ‘out of contract’ rates charged – and a further £40 for the inconvenience caused.

View from the client

"Commenting on the service that Budget Control provides, we’re aware that the supplier we previously contracted to was consistently difficult to talk to and made mistakes on numerous occasions. Thankfully Budget Control were able to rectify the mistakes made by them (the supplier) and negotiated compensation for this."

Anne Rezmi

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