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Our resource centre is where you’ll find our latest published articles and a wealth of information to help you make informed decisions about your energy needs.

We think businesses should expect more from third party energy brokers, so we’ve created our resources page with free downloads to help support you in your journey towards smarter business energy.

Useful articles

The Five Cs of Bill Checking

There are so many things that can go wrong with a bill, but our handy checklist published in The Carer – Summer 2018 will help you understand what you’re looking for.


How to save money on your energy bills

Rising energy costs have led to a greater drive for energy efficiency to reduce overheads. For care homes, in particular, energy can account for a large proportion of overheads, which means that finding ways to reduce energy expenditure can quickly deliver significant savings. Introduce a five-step programme of energy efficiency changes as outlined in our article in The Carer – October 2018.


Saving energy, saving money

Our article in the Business Post offers three top tips to maximise your energy spend.



Three reasons to engage with an energy broker

Regularly comparing energy tariffs and deals can ensure you’re making the most of your energy spend by getting the best rates, but it’s time consuming, and when you are busy with the business of caring it might seem easier to leave it until your only option is your current supplier. There are many reasons to engage with an energy broker to help you get the best package,  our article in the The Carer – January 2019 covers three that we often hear from customers.


When is a fixed contract not a fixed contract?

Many people who sign a business energy contract take what they believe to be a fixed price, fixed term contract. But are these contracts really as fixed as the name suggests? Our article in the Business Post discusses the impact of Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review on fixed price energy contracts.


Mandatory energy reporting: Are you ready to reap the benefits of compliance?

For a growing number of businesses, measuring and reporting on energy consumption has become both a mandatory requirement and an administrative headache. However, our article in the Business Post discusses how compliance can bring additional business benefits.



Guide to Energy Buying Strategies

We recognise that all businesses have a different view of risk when it comes to procuring their energy. For larger businesses, the product choice can seem endless, which means that the presentation of the future costs of your energy can be difficult to compare. Our guide outlines each of the five broad buying options and briefly describes how they work. Within each category there are options that are more or less refined.


Guide to Reducing Third Party Energy Costs

Since your third-party costs account for more than half of the amount of your overall energy bill, finding ways to reduce your non-energy costs can deliver significant savings.


Third Party Intermediaries

Although Third Party Intermdiaries (TPIs) are not regulated, Ofgem has set out some voluntary principles by which we comply. This handout outlines our role as a TPI and our guiding principles.



Frequently Asked Questions: Triad Management

Our FAQs are designed to help you understand how your energy use and the type of contract you have will determine how you might be impacted by Triads.


10 questions to ask your energy broker

Energy costs can account for a substantial proportion of overheads, which means finding ways to reduce expenditure is critical. An energy broker can help you to understand your expenditure and advise you on the best energy supply contract options, usually generating more competitive prices. And you can also access services to ensure you are paying the correct amounts throughout your contract, and get advice on contractual obligations and legislation which could impact your business.
But, the market is a crowded place and not all energy brokers work in the same way, or offer the same services. So how do you know which is the right one for you?

Our guide will help you understand the questions to ask, in order to select the right broker.



What is in your energy bill?

The wholesale cost of gas and electricity makes up less than half of the amount of your overall energy bill. See how your energy bill is comprised in our new infographic.



A day in the life of an Energy Consultant

We want our customers to be delighted with our services, so every customer is provided with a dedicated Account Manager, who is an experienced Energy Consultant. Our Account Managers spend their days working to achieve the best outcome for customers.


Case studies

Kew Care Group

Kew Care Group provides residential and dementia care for the elderly across its group of four quality care homes in Bristol, West Sussex, and Gloucester. We provide our full service to the Kew Care group, which includes bill validation to check and validate bills for any errors ahead of payment, and additional value-added services, such as monitoring the consumption to help with budgeting.


Hoya Lens

Hoya Lens UK Ltd, part of the global Hoya Vision founded in Japan, is a leading optical lens manufacturer and eyewear provider. We resolved a complex meter fault and recovered fair compensation.


Sheen Mount Primary School

Sheen Mount Primary School was procuring its energy as part of a public sector buying group. The school was seeking a new approach to energy procurement that afforded more control of buying decisions and better visibility of current and future energy spend.


Kudos Care

Kudos Care provides quality nursing care to the elderly at its residential care home, Knightsbridge Lodge, in Cheltenham. We resolved billing errors and supported meter upgrades when we procured new favourable rates for the business’s gas and electricity supply.


Amba Care Homes Group

Amba Care Homes Group owns and operates four residential care homes in the South East of England. We have worked with the group for more than five years and resolved more than 50 issues, resulting in a considerable amount of time that we’ve saved the care home staff for investing into running their homes and caring for residents.


Windmill Care

Sometimes our in-depth industry knowledge helps to resolve complicated legislative issues, such as when we supported Windmill Care to reduce a £45,000 bill to just £5,000.