Core Services

We want you to be confident. To be certain that you’re only paying for the energy you’re using, that contracts and bills can be trusted, and that you have a mechanism in place to detect unnecessary costs – and to do something about it.

We also want you to rest assured. To focus on your business, confident you have the experts on hand to manage the physical side of your energy supply. The dedicated support needed for assessing and enhancing the infrastructure put in place to power your business.

Purchase. Validate. Manage

Our core services offer tried and tested capabilities, processes, and active guidance for delivering smarter business energy. What’s more, they’re highly practical in output, and designed to remove the complexities of sourcing energy while delivering measurable cost savings, greater choice, and real peace of mind. Sorted.

Group Buying

Our group buying programme is designed to help companies who want the advantage of the best available rates for their gas and/or electricity whilst being able to fix their prices for the period of the contract. Pooling your purchasing with others means that the prices will be keener than if you purchase on your own.

Energy Procurement Services

Where we help identify the ideal buying strategy for your business, including an extensive comparison of all available contract and supplier options. We’ll establish what you have, what you’re going to need, and manage the entire process for setting new contracts up.

Invoice Validation

A checking and confirmation service focused on identifying any possible discrepancies in your energy bill. From ensuring the numbers are based on accurate usage data, to guaranteeing the correct VAT rates are being applied; we deliver £1000s in savings each year to our clients.


From managing the upgrade or downgrade of your existing supply, to new meter installation, meter exchanges, and supply disconnection or reconnection. With Power Direct, you’ll find a wealth of experience in coordinating sitework projects and activities.

Additional services

Many factors contribute to a smart energy strategy, from accessing accurate, up-to-date usage data to installing green energy technology. It’s a complex journey, but one where we can help you every step of the way.

To engage with Power Direct is to talk about more informed procurement, a worry-free approach to energy compliance, and finding a sustainable way to meet your future energy needs. With our support, you can take the pressure off both budgets and the environment.

Sustainable. Smart. Efficient.

The Additional Services available from Power Direct cover a range of core energy disciplines that help clients meet their cost and compliance objectives. As a result, you’ll be able to plan for and manage your energy requirements in a more informed, integrated, and continuous fashion.

Estate Energy Management

For clients with larger property portfolios looking for a single guardian, a single point of contact, to proactively manage their collective energy needs. We’ll help you make the most of bulk purchasing, and ensure all issues and compliance matters are dealt with swiftly and hassle free.

Green Energy Management

Advice and support that includes recommendations on green energy procurement, where we offer a range of proven options and capabilities. In addition we can conduct auditing of current usage to help fulfil your regulatory commitments, and advise on the installation of renewable energy systems.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR)

With Power Direct, you have access to highly trained Lead Assessors for the ESOS and SECR frameworks. It’s here that we can help collect all the necessary energy consumption data needed to perform audits and report on usage – as well as guiding clients through the compliance process.

Smart Metering

With estimated bills from suppliers often far higher than they should be, we can project manage the sourcing and installation of smart meters to realise all possible cost savings. Plus we’ll use the data generated to deliver future efficiencies in your energy supply.

Consumption Reduction Initiatives

Power Direct partners with a number of Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management providers, to help reduce energy bills and lower your carbon footprint. We can also assist with the administrative demands posed by the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) energy efficiency scheme.

What our clients say

"We have a long-standing relationship with Power Direct and we’ve really come to rely on them. Our account manager does a great job for us, and is well acquainted with our business and provides us with comprehensive advice."

Nick Wilson, Leycol Limited