According to EDF Energy, simple energy efficiency measures, such as adjusting the heating times and updating lighting, could allow businesses to make savings of more than £45 million.

EDF Energy’s analysis of 4,150 sites, including schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and police stations, revealed that 62% could make savings through improving lighting, and 61% could make savings by adjusting their heating schedule.

The report reveals that the average organisation could achieve annual energy savings totalling more than £46,000.

Director of Energy Solutions at EDF Energy, Vincent de Rul, said: “…Our analysis of these sites shows that the majority of organisations can still make meaningful carbon reductions that result in significant savings – through very simple changes… Our data covers a relatively small proportion of the UK’s businesses and public sector organisations – imagine what the impact would be if all UK such organisations made even the simplest of changes.”

Source: Cornwall Insight

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