We are delighted to announce that Power Direct Ltd has been acquired by Zenergi Group, an energy brokerage that has been primarily focused on serving the education sector.

The acquisition is great news for both Power Direct and Zenergi. With shared customer service cultures, the acquisition will enable customers to benefit from the increased leverage the larger organisation creates, and will afford Power Direct access to the fantastic technical services of Zenergi.

In the immediate future, Power Direct will continue to trade under its own brand as part of the Zenergi Group. More news will follow as we move into the next phase of this journey and assess how each organisation can benefit from this great opportunity.

Anne Williams, Managing Director of Power Direct, is staying on to oversee the integration of Power Direct into the wider group, and said: “This represents a fantastic opportunity for the customers and staff of Power Direct. Customers can rest assured that the same high standards of service will be maintained and that the increased resources will only help to enhance the service offering. For the staff, there are opportunities to improve knowledge and understanding of sectors outside of our own areas of expertise. I am excited to see how Power Direct Ltd moves forward and capitalises on this opportunity. We will, of course, keep all our customers informed, but, in the meantime, our Account Managers are only too happy to help with any questions.”

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