Why did you join Power Direct Ltd?

I had recently faced a redundancy from a chartered surveyors firm when I saw an admin role advertised. I didn’t even know such a thing existed as an energy brokerage! I thought it sounded interesting and I became the first employee, working for Anne and Vic in a temp role initially, which became permanent after a few months.

What does a typical day look like?

My job is varied and no day is the same! I have three main areas of responsibility – compliance; finance; and project coordination. That said, it’s a small company and I have been involved in so many aspects of the day-to-day operational work over the years that I can probably turn my hand to almost anything that is needed, except arranging client contracts! For example, in our busy basket weeks, I will help load contracts onto the system, validate client invoices etc., if required.

Some of my main focus areas in finance are tracking and claiming the commission that we are due from suppliers, budget monitoring, and management reporting. I coordinate the projects that colleagues are working on, making sure that lines of responsibility are visible and deadlines are on track etc. Managing compliance requires me to be on top of the legislation and regulation that impacts both ourselves as an organisation and our customers. So I track any changes to supplier’s Ts and Cs to ensure that our Account Managers are sharing the right information with our clients. I also keep on top of data protection, ensuring that we are keeping customer data secure, and handling and processing it as defined by the regulations. I am also involved in some of the non-client facing activities within the business e.g. HR, First Aid, H&S and providing support to the Managing Director as required.

What skills are required to perform your role?

With my background in admin and ten years in the industry, I have developed a number of resources to obtain information to resolve queries or to assist in problem solving. My administration experience also helps with updating and maintaining the internal processes, policies and documentation for the business.

I do like to see a job through from start to finish which places me well for managing long-term projects.

I have learned to develop a certain doggedness and tenaciousness! This is definitely not my natural personality, but I think combined with my ability to get on well with people it helps when chasing commissions!

What is your proudest achievement in your time at Power Direct Ltd?

I think this has to be a completely clean and issue-free audit from one of our suppliers soon after I became responsible for our auditing processes. They said we were the first broker they had seen this with!

And of course, being here for 10 years is an achievement to be proud of!

What is the best/most rewarding part of your job?
The best has to be the people. We’re a small team, but very supportive of each other.

And the most rewarding is the ability to see everything through from start to finish. Again, it’s a feature of a small business, where you have responsibility to drive a project from the research at the outset right through to the end output. That really pleases me!

How do you keep a healthy work/life balance?

It’s very supportive here. Anne has never wanted staff to go home worrying about their work, it’s not that kind of environment. We are simply asked to turn up and do our best. We are trusted and given the freedom to perform our roles in a relaxed but focused environment. I believe that’s why we have a good staff retention rate.

Earlier this year we all took some time out for mindfulness training. And last year ‘welfare days’ were introduced. These are allowances for time off work to take care of some of the pressures we face. For me, with an elderly mum, it’s really reassuring that I don’t need to use holiday up when I need to look after her.

And that relaxed environment means I can enjoy my hobbies outside of work – botanical photography, live music, reading and films.

How has Power Direct Ltd supported your career development?

Although I started here in an admin role, Anne has supported me to take over additional management responsibilities. Anne is a big believer in supporting people to perform their jobs to the best of their ability and any training needs are quickly identified. This means I’ve been able to undertake lots of training, including completing a diploma in management training, and courses in coaching and project management.

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