We regularly guide our customers through legislative requirements and obligations. When DCP 161 came into force, it introduced penalties for excess capacity charges. As part of this, we reviewed all of our customers’ accounts in order to identify businesses that required a change in their supply capacity needs. We looked for companies that were peaking and would need an upgrade in supply, and we looked for companies that needed to downgrade their supply and could therefore make a saving on their capacity charges.

Similarly, when P272 came into force in April 2015 many businesses had their electricity supply upgraded to a half-hourly meter. This significant piece of industry legislation is designed to enable suppliers to produce more accurate bills and avoid the need for manual meter reads.

The meter migration at Windmill Care, an award-winning care group with residential care homes in North Bristol and South Gloucestershire, resulted in the supplier underestimating the group’s readings for 38 months.

It meant that an outstanding bill of £45,000 was due for kilowatts that had been used by the care homes but not billed.

Windmill Care asked for our help, and our investigation led to £40,000 of the outstanding debt being overturned. Take a look at our video to see how.

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