A Triad warning has been issued for today for the period 16:00 to 19:00. 

This is warning number 16 of the season and the risk has been assessed as MEDIUM.

Current levels of demand management are creating a broad, flat evening peak.

Triads are the three highest half-hour periods of electricity demand between November and February that are more than ten days apart. They typically take place during cold weather in the late afternoon/early evening. This is when domestic consumption peaks for the tea-time period and is met with industrial demand.

These three periods are used by National Grid to determine its annual charge for transmission, which is passed to the supplier and then used by them, in part, to determine the cost of your supply.

Triad warnings are important to businesses with contracts that do not fully fix Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges. TNUoS charges fund the cost of maintaining and updating the UK’s electricity grid and are divided between consumers and generators of electricity. Businesses on a pass-through contract pay their share based on their consumption during Triad periods.

For more information about Triads and how you can reduce the potential impact on your energy costs, read our Guide to Triad Management.

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