Today marks the start of Big Energy Saving Week, a national campaign led by the Citizens Advice Bureau that focuses on how to make savings on energy bills.

The campaign identifies a three-point checklist:

  1. Check you’re getting the best energy deal
  2. Switch energy supplier or tariff
  3. Save energy and money

Check you’re getting the best deal

The huge variety of contracts available on the market can make the presentation of the future costs of your energy difficult to compare. However, an energy broker can assess the level of risk a business is willing to take and their key buying drivers, in order to identify the most applicable contracts and present them in a standardised format, allowing for a clear comparison.

Switch energy supplier or tariff

Most people now know that regularly comparing energy tariffs and deals is key to getting the best rates. But it’s time consuming, and when you are busy with the day-to-day operations of running your business, it might seem easier to leave it until your only option is your current supplier. Your energy broker will monitor the market to review price trends, helping you to assess whether it is prudent to secure prices early, or to hold out for the market to drop, all while managing the process to ensure you don’t end up paying high out of contract rates.

Save energy and money

Finding ways to reduce energy expenditure can quickly deliver significant savings. But savings don’t always require a significant investment. The Carbon Trust identified that even savings of 5-10% can be made with a small expenditure, such as installing or optimising lighting or heating control systems, or engaging your staff to change their behaviour *.

And larger changes can create substantial savings, with businesses able to reduce annual energy costs by 20% through improving energy efficiency and energy management**. An energy audit can be a good first step before any investment in energy efficiency. It can help you understand how and where you are using the most energy, which can help to identify potential energy savings for your business and present you with informed choices on how to reduce your energy consumption and costs.

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* Source: Carbon Trust 2011 publication ‘Energy Management’
** Source: Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency Programme



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