Research by E.ON and YouGov has shown that nearly half of businesses don’t know what proportion of their total expenditure goes on energy costs. It suggested that if companies were aware of how much they are spending on energy a saving of up to 20% could be achieved through making simple changes.

Half of businesses unaware what proportion of expenditure goes on energy costs

The Telegraph reported that further research by the Carbon Trust showed a high number of companies across all sectors could make improvements in energy management practices and behaviours, with many failing to take advantage of well-established technologies, such as LED lighting, to reduce costs. E.ON suggested that the lack of energy saving motivation could be due to the misguided impression that energy is a fixed cost for businesses.

E.ON’s Senior Strategic Account Manager, John Walsh, said: “It’s a common mistake for customers to see energy as a fixed cost” adding “It’s vital to have someone at senior-level championing energy management in order to achieve significant energy savings”


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