The GCPA is a membership organisation that is open to all independent social care providers in Gloucestershire. This includes private, not-for-profit and charitable organisations that either deliver care in a residential or nursing setting or in their own home.

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This fantastic organisation holds regular meetings with speakers which give their members an opportunity to discuss current industry issues, network and exchange views.

The GCPA aims to represent the interests of their members, work with local authorities to help everyone improve care delivery and work with training bodies to ensure that training programmes and policies are in the best interests of independent sector and the service users.

We chose to sponsor the GCPA because we fully support the good work they are doing and believe that our expertise within the care sector can be helpful to their members. We presently work with 328 organisations within the care/nursing home sector representing more than 1600 sites. All sites vary in size but all share similar importance when it comes to their energy needs.

We understand that energy is a large spend within the care industry and having certainty about the cost is a necessity. Our experts provide a personalised service for every client where they discuss supplier’s products, budgets, consumption, site changes and billing. Our energy experts look after all of your queries throughout the contract period.

We will be present at meetings to answer any questions the GCPA members or potential members may have about their energy.

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