A survey by The Energyst has found that almost eight in 10 businesses (78%) that currently participate in Demand-Side Response (DSR) are satisfied with their experience.

Demand side response survey

Of those not already providing DSR, three-quarters (77%) said that they would be interested in doing so provided it did not affect their core business. Of those that provide DSR, the majority were found to be larger companies with higher consumption and peak demand. The main motivators behind providing DSR were generating income from assets and avoiding costs.

In terms of barriers, the survey found that a lack of awareness, knowledge, and understanding, combined with a perception that equipment and processes are not suitable, and that rewards may not be worth the effort, were the main reasons for firms not participating in DSR.

The survey also revealed a clear interest among firms for battery storage. Over half (54%) of all respondents had considered investing in storage.

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