Citizens Advice has published a new report analysing interest and understanding of smart meters in the microbusiness part of the market.

Published on 28 April, the research found that nine in 10 (90%) small businesses had heard of smart meters, however only six in 10 (63%) were aware businesses would be getting one alongside domestic consumers. It is planned for there to be around 53mn smart meters installed in over 30mn premises, including businesses, across Wales, Scotland and England by the end of 2020.

More businesses reported falls in energy consumption (23%) than increases (14%) following the installation of a smart meter, though the majority (58%) said that consumption stayed at the same level. Of those that are currently without a smart meter, two-thirds (66%) were interested in obtaining one, with interest levels linked to energy usage. The cost of obtaining a smart meter was cited by a quarter (26%) of non-smart businesses as a potential negative, one in five (21%) expressed concerns over it being “too much hassle” and that “cost savings would not materialise respectively”.

The report recommended a comprehensive and simple campaign to inform small businesses about the smart meter rollout; communications efforts should focus on the potential for reducing demand, rather than billing accuracy.

If you would like more information about smart meters for businesses and what the benefits could be for your company please feel free to contact us.

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