Ofgem has published its first of a series of updates on half-hourly settlement (HHS), noting the 1 April deadline for migrating all customers in profile classes 5-8 to HHS.

HSS means affected organisations and businesses will see their bills calculated on how much energy they use each half hour. This will mean an end to estimated bills, but could see prices rise for those who use lots of energy at peak times. Media reports suggest that the changes affect over 160,000 businesses. Business Green reported that the half-hourly data received by suppliers would allow businesses to more accurately identify and install energy efficiency measures.

Covering the three streams of work––migration of customers in profile classes 5-8, elective HSS, and mandatory HSS for all consumers––the document, released on 30 March, sets out ongoing and future plans. Ofgem said it was looking to hold conversations with energy suppliers considering implementing elective HHS for those not now covered and has taken decision on modifications aimed to alleviate all barriers to elective HHS; and that it continues to work to implement HHS for all customers.

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