The former head of system operator National Grid has claimed that the UK has sufficient energy capacity to meet demand – even when demand is highest on the coldest days.

Former National Grid chief executive, Steve Holliday stated that following government measures to secure energy supplies, news stories raising fears about blackouts should stop.

Holliday told BBC News: “It’s time for the headline of Blackout Britain to end – it’s simply wrong. We’ve been talking about blackouts for 15 years every time it gets cold, but it’s a scare story. The lights haven’t gone out yet and thanks to the measures the government is putting in place this week they definitely won’t go out in future. The UK has one of the most stable supplies of electricity in Europe.”

Backing his claim, Richard Black, director of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, said it was “refreshing and welcome that someone of Steve Holliday’s stature has said what he’s said […] Frankly, it’s time to put “Blackout Britain” scare-mongering to bed once and for all – with Brexit looming, this is no time to be talking down Britain in such a fact-free manner.”

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