On 2 December Centrica made public their plans to undertake a “pioneering” trial to develop a local energy market in Cornwall.

As part of the three-year £19mn programme Centrica’s Distributed Energy and Power business will work with local businesses, renewable generators and other large energy users to provide them with free smart technology upgrades and install new energy storage units in the hope of helping them to unlock new revenue streams.  The programme will see the implementation of a “virtual marketplace” that will test the use of flexible demand, generation and storage.

Jorge Pikunic, managing director of Centrica Distributed Energy and Power, said: “This is a unique opportunity for us to work together with local businesses and homes to unlock new approaches that can give consumers more control of their energy, both here in the UK and potentially around the world. I believe this is a clear example of how the energy landscape could look in future – a truly decentralised market where energy is smarter, greener and cheaper.”

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