A survey commissioned by Scottish Power has revealed that only 1 in 10 SMEs believe they have reduced their energy consumption in the last year.

Conducted by YouGov and issued on 21st November, the survey found that more than 60% of SME business owners did not think that energy efficiency was a top priority in the workplace and more than 50% did not have active measures in place to help them use their energy smarter. Another result from this research is that just 1 in 10 SMEs perform an energy audit annually.

The survey was released as Scottish Power announced their new partnership with the Carbon Trust which will hopefully see new energy efficiency tools on the market as well as online resources to encourage and help companies improve their energy management.

Mark Bowen, marketing director from ScottishPower: “Many businesses we talk to admit they could be doing more, but are put off because they believe that steps to incorporate energy efficiency into their business will be time-consuming and difficult. We’re keen to work together with businesses and the Carbon Trust as part of this innovative new partnership to understand how we can help break down some of these barriers.”

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