Coal power plants could secure around £152mn through next January’s early capacity market auction according to Cornwall.

Cornwall’s Capacity Market Forecast report suggested that approaching 7GW of coal capacity could be successful in the auction, and that this could offer enough commercial enticements for some plants to stay on the system longer than would otherwise have been the case.

The report also projected that only about 3.5GW of new gas capacity would be successful in this December’s T-4 auction––less than 50% of the new gas that is set to compete.

Cornwall stated that failure to secure significant levels of new gas could represent a “crossroads” moment for BEIS, and provide an opening for the government to reconsider the current arrangements.

On the flip side the world’s first commercially operating BioSNG power plant has launched in Swindon. Developed by National Grid Gas Distribution, Advance Plasma Power and Progressive energy to make gas from waste.

They are hoping it will produce 22GWh of substitute gas per year from 10,000 tonnes of household waste, the low-carbon BioSNG produced will fuel Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and supply gas to both homes and businesses.

The technology has the potential to deliver 100TWh of green gas per year, which is enough to fuel all of Britain’s HGVs or to meet one third of domestic heating demand.

David Smith, chief executive of the Energy Networks Association (ENA), said: “The UK’s gas distribution networks are working with industry partners to drive innovation in green gas technology which will provide clean, affordable and sustainable energy to meet the challenges of decarbonisation.”

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