According to the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) between 2010-2015 energy efficiency investments delivered a £1.7bn improvement in productivity of the UK economy.

The trade group issued its 2016 UK Energy Productivity Audit on 18th November in which it stated that last year Britain had spent around £140bn on energy (equivalent to 7.6% of GDP) however the efficiency of electricity supply had improved by only two percentage points in the last five years. Their conclusion was that more energy productivity improvements were needed if the UK wanted to reach its long-term climate goals.

ADE director Tim Rotheray said: “Despite limited policy focus, the industrial, services and domestic sectors have made substantial energy efficiency gains yet over 60% of energy in the power sector is lost before it reaches homes and businesses. […] The Industrial Strategy provides a key opportunity to implement the right policies that will not only support business competitiveness, but drive energy productivity in the UK economy and help us meet our carbon goals.”

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