A new survey has found that 83% of businesses in the UK are not confident that Britain can meet the requirements set out by the Paris climate agreement.

The main target from the Paris agreement being; limiting global warming to 2˚c this century and then a further goal of keeping rises below 1.5 ˚c. Although how to meet these particular emissions targets is up to each individual country.

The annual CBI/AECOM Infrastructure Survey was published on 4th November and it calls for the government to create a “clear and credible plan” in terms of improving business confidence in the UK’s emissions reduction capabilities. It also stated that the newly created BEIS department represented a brilliant opportunity to “bring the various strands together in order to achieve this”.

Only 27% of the survey’s participants said that they believed that the UK would take steps in this government to improve the long-term outlook for energy security, whilst a massive 73% disagreed and were not optimistic that the infrastructure in energy would improve.

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