According to a survey by energy regulator Ofgem into demand-side response potential, commercial and large industrial companies could have the capacity to increase demand by 1.9GW and reduce it by 3GW across GB.

Demand-side response (DRS) involves businesses being given financial incentives to shift or lower their electricity use during peak times. This helps with managing load and voltage profiles on the electricity network which improves energy security.

These results were published on 18th October, finding that respondents provided around 350MW of demand reduction and stating that an addition 400MW of potential capacity was technically possible and viable. Although there is a perceived risk to primary business, as well as difficulty understanding the value of DSR and its requirements not fitting the respondents business. These are all considered to be barriers to realising this potential.

Ofgem have said they will conduct further analysis into the survey with the call for evidence it will soon be launching on flexibility.

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