The CEO of Big Six energy firm Centrica has suggested that energy consumers should not be covering the costs of policies and network charges through their gas and electricity bills.

At present, a significant proportion of the bills paid by homes and businesses are made up of the cost of the government’s green energy schemes, and of transporting gas and electricity throughout the country.

Speaking at a conference on 5 July, Centrica CEO Iain Conn said: “I think we will, post-Brexit, need to look at our policy slate and say, are we happy with all of the inputs? Because so far the biggest single thing that has been going up in consumers’ bills in the UK is the cost of transmission and distribution of energy. The second biggest thing that has been going up is actually government policy on the Energy Company Obligation and other things.”

Conn suggested that it would be less regressive to cover policy costs through general taxation, rather than through consumers’ bills.

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