With the acquisition of contingency balancing services, the electricity de-rated capacity margin for winter 2016-17 will stand at 5.5% (2.9GW), National Grid announced in its Winter Consultation 2016 report.

Published on 8 July, the report also revealed that without the contingency services—that serve as a back up to ensure supply can meet demand when it is highest—the de-rated capacity margin would have fallen to 0.1%, though it is anticipated there will be a wide range of sources to guarantee security of gas supplies.

National Grid also highlighted the increasing importance of demand side response (DSR), saying that in recent years it has seen a higher level of customer demand management over peak demand periods and an increase in the output of distribution network connected generation. This, it said, has contributed to transmission system demand being lower than previously forecast.

Cordi O’Hara director, UK System Operator said: “We are confident that we have taken the appropriate steps to support the operation of the electricity system while continuing to ensure value for money for consumers.”

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