More than eight out of 10 (82%) businesses who responded to a survey said they had commissioned energy efficiency projects in the final quarter of last year––a rise on the long-term trend.

The EEVS Energy Efficiency Trends, released on 22 March, showed that lighting-based technologies continued to outperform other energy-saving technologies in business energy efficiency, with both high efficiency lighting and controls seeing increases in installation levels over the quarter. Solar installations became the third most popular technology type.

Offices (22%) continued to lead the way as the property type most likely to benefit from building upgrades––although with 16 other categories also listed, a “wide range” of building types are currently benefiting from energy-saving investments.

Those organisations who had not commissioned energy efficiency projects in the quarter said that this was mainly because they had done so at an earlier stage, whilst the principal barrier was considered to be higher priorities elsewhere within organisations.

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