More than eight in 10 (82%) business consumers reported commissioning energy efficiency projects in the third quarter of 2015––an uptick on the long term trend (around 70%) and a new high for the sector–– according to a new survey.

The survey was published on 25 January by EEVS and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It found that offices (19%), industrial and manufacturing (20%) and education (19%) represented the leading property-based categories in Q315, with a wide range of other public and private sector groupings also benefiting from energy-saving investments.

Financial payback periods for businesses installing such measures returned to the long-term trend of 3-4 years in the quarter, driven by growth in longer five- to 10-year payback projects. On the type of project favoured by businesses, the survey showed lighting technologies were routinely deployed on more than 50% of all energy-saving projects.

In terms of the government’s handling of non-domestic energy efficiency policy, the proportion of respondents reporting effective policy management had doubled (from 5% to 10%), but those reporting ineffective management had reached an all-time high of 64%.

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