Synchronising energy efficiency rules and eco-design product standards around the world could result in “enormous” emissions savings, according to the European Commission.

A study published by the European Commission last week said that up to 7,600TWh of electricity would, with the changes, be saved by 2030––against a business-as-usual scenario. The UK along with all other EU members already complies with a “very developed” set of energy efficiency and eco-design rules covering a range of products from buildings to cookers. The EU has a target to make 20% in energy savings by 2020, rising to at least 27% by 2030.

The study said that global energy efficiency and eco-design measures could save the equivalent of almost double the annual electricity consumption of the US in making an estimated €280bn-€410bn in savings on energy spending. At the same time, 4,450Mt of carbon emissions would be avoided.

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