Nearly four in five (79%) smart meter customers believe that their bills are accurate and nearly eight in ten (79%) of consumers with the technology installed have taken steps to use less energy, a survey by consumer campaign Smart Energy GB has found.

The findings were part of Smart Energy GB’s second Smart Energy Outlook, which was published on 5 September. Smart meters automatically send suppliers meter readings, putting an end to estimated bills, and will allow energy users to monitor their own usage – helping them identify where energy could be saved.

It is hoped that the technology will saves homes and businesses across the country both time and money. By 2020 the government hopes that all homes and micro-businesses will have a smart meter installed.

Chief executive Sacha Deshmukh said: “This digitisation of Britain’s last analogue industry is vital, and will transform the experiences all of us have when buying our gas and electricity […] We’re at the start of our national energy upgrade, but already those who have their smart meters are experiencing a transformation.”

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