Group buying with Power Direct Ltd

Our group buying programme is intended to help businesses achieve the best prices for their energy, whilst giving peace of mind that prices are fully fixed and inclusive for two years.

Group buying is when a collective of businesses come together to purchase their energy. Businesses that combine their purchasing power with others in this way usually achieve lower prices, because suppliers are competing for the overall business of the group’s collective energy consumption.

Our groups are suitable for any business, regardless of size and industry sector, who want to benefit from fully fixed and inclusive prices for a two-year contract. Our group buying programme runs regularly, and a business will usually be eligible to join if their current contract end date is within a year of the group purchase date.

Unlike many similar group buying mechanisms on the market, our process offers participants opportunities to opt out, even after prices have been shared, making it a truly low risk option to securing competitive prices for your energy.

Take a look at our resources to understand more, and contact us if you are interested in becoming involved.

Group buying with Power Direct Ltd

About our buying group

Want to know more about our group buying process? Take a look to understand how the process works and how to join a group.


Infographic - See the buying power our group offers!

The power of group buying

Our buying group gives participants buying power of tens of millions of kwhs from more than 100 businesses!


Group buying process map

Buying Group Process Map

We want our customers to be clear about our group buying process, so our process map clearly outlines the decision-making steps and the points at which you may withdraw if you do not wish to proceed with the group price.


What do participants say?

Kevin Adams
Head of Estates and Facilities, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust:

“Power Direct Ltd have been successfully managing our energy contracts for a while. We joined the buying basket because there was nothing to lose! It enables us to maintain control of our energy contracts, while leveraging the benefits of bulk purchasing to gain competitive prices.”


Article: Introducing a new approach to leveraging a bulk buying advantage

Traditional energy buying baskets have asked participants to take a leap of faith on the promise that combining with others to leverage the buying power of a larger consumption will offer a better price than purchasing individually.

The traditional approach is to sign up to the basket and hand all the buying decisions to a central provider who acts in the best interests of the whole collective. Typically, participants will not be able to opt out of the scheme and will not know what they will pay for their energy until they are notified of the closing price.

What if there were a different way to leverage the power of bulk buying without the risk involved in flexible purchasing?

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