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Who or what is Power Direct? Simple: we’re award-winning business energy consultants.

The people you turn to when it’s time to re-contract for your business gas or electricity supply. The experts you want on side when negotiating costs and contracts with energy suppliers.
We’re also a business that offers the personal touch. You can select services that range from simple gas and electricity energy procurement, to full energy management – confident we’ll tailor the specifics of the engagement to your precise requirements.

As for what we deliver, ultimately it comes down to peace of mind. By having at your fingertips all relevant contract options; compliance data; and the insights needed to ensure you’re only paying for what you use; you’re empowered to make the right decisions – while also being free to focus your energies on actually running the business.

The different costs and contracts available for powering your business
The most suitable way for delivering your own smart energy strategy
The realities of your energy supply, from monthly bills to compliance

Meet the team

We are all passionate about what we do, and every one of us is responsible for the continued success of Power Direct.

Gill Greaves

Compliance and Quality Manager

Sinead Smith

Operations Manager

Olas Awofadeju

System Developer/IT Manager

Claire Munt

Senior Energy Consultant

Sarah Williams

Energy Consultant

Matthew Smith

Energy Consultant

Darren Hurst

Business Development Executive

Claire Mann

Administration Assistant

Rishona Steward

Sales & Accounts Administrator

Rhiannon McCarthy

Content and Communications Manager

Jaime Sanchez


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As an Investors in People employer, we’re wholehearted in our commitment to finding and developing the best pool of talent you’ll find anywhere in the industry.


Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. Power Direct was established in 1998 Power Direct by Vic Shepherd, who was one of the first independent energy brokers to offer a bespoke service to smaller industrial clients.

Anne Williams joined Vic in 2008 and then became Managing Director, growing the business to what it is today. In September 2019, the business was acquired by the Zenergi group.

As for our services, when these were first defined we were looking at an immature market – retail energy had only recently been deregulated. Times have of course now changed, and since then we’ve come to offer the service standards and transparency of engagement that we believe now sets the standards by which other energy brokers are measured.

In 2012, Power Direct acquired Budget Control UK, which enabled us to almost double our size in a single day. This transfer of customers also helped demonstrate the durability of both our processes and staff, with the relocation completed smoothly, and with over 90% of businesses agreeing to join us despite no contractual obligation.

Since then we’ve kept ourselves busy and always on the lookout for new opportunities. In 2016 for example, Power Direct began providing services to The Energy Advisors UK client base, alongside renewal services at contract end. This move has again proved successful, with strong client engagement and the provision of extended business opportunities.

As for the capabilities we offer, these too have evolved in line with our service offering. Much of our effort has been directed toward creating bespoke software systems to support Power Direct’s focus on service excellence. Although we’ve developed an automated bill-checking tool and an in-house pricing system, we’re determined to maintain our reputation for the human touch and delivering personalised, tailored output based on a deep understanding of each and every client.

The success of this approach is demonstrated by Power Direct’s retention rate, which currently stands at 94%. That means 19 out of every 20 customers we have choose to build long-term business partnerships with us, despite the fact we have no binding contracts. The conclusion we draw from this is that such retention levels are a testament to the level of service we routinely deliver clients, the value for money on offer, and the fact that we focus as much of our attention on our first customer as we do our last.

We are excited about the next step in our growth journey, and the opportunities that being part of the Zenergi group offers both our staff and customers.

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