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SME and small corporates

Energy spend between £10,000 and £50,000 per year.

Service Includes:

Description of Service:

Energy Procurement

Initially we will assess your current situation – confirm your current supplier details, establish when your contract is due to end and identify any termination requirements that are needed. We will also establish which meters you are using and will confirm your consumption data, voltage and kVA details.

We will then carry out an extensive comparison of all available market prices and present you with at least four options for your supply. This tendering process varies depending on the different type of electricity or gas meter you use and your level of consumption. For maximum demand electricity meters and small commercial level gas usage there are several pricing options which vary depending on the type of meters being used. In these cases we evaluate the most cost effective method for pricing the account which is usually a combination of bespoke and book pricing. For clients who use a large gas supply or have half hourly electricity meters we use a formal tendering process where we request single day prices which are quoted exclusively for each specific client.

After we have established the most cost effective route we will then handle any credit queries, negotiate security deposits, guarantees and manage the entire process of setting the contract up.

Site Works

Whether you simply require more supply capacity at your business, are renovating existing properties or are building entirely new properties our experienced team are well placed to assist you. We will coordinate all aspects of the project including liaising with suppliers, distributors and meter operators.

Equally you may find the supply to your business becomes too large for your needs and is resulting in unnecessary fees. We will assess your consumption and negotiate supply downgrades where this would be advantageous.

Whether it is a supply or meter upgrade or downgrade our team will work with you to minimise disruption and maximise benefit.

Invoice Validation Service

You will not be surprised to hear that sometimes discrepancies can occur and in the same way as you keep a close eye on any other substantial outgoings, keeping tabs on your business energy bills is important for managing your company’s profitability and cash flow. We understand that this can be a time consuming process and difficult if you are unfamiliar with the energy industry. For this reason we offer our clients an Invoice Validation Service which includes the following -

  • Checking the rates agreed with your supplier have been applied for the full period
  • All billing is based on accurate consumption information and not estimates. We will ask you to provide meter reads and will submit them to suppliers and ask for credit and recharges to be completed where necessary. Where estimates have to be used we will check to ensure that they are reasonable
  • All calculations have been correctly applied and multiples have been correctly used
  • Correct VAT rates applied, many businesses are unaware of VAT reductions which may be applied for
  • Bills are produced in a timely manner to contract terms
  • Presentation of annual budget based on actual consumption including all energy charges
  • Dispute resolution where supplier inaccuracies arise

Supplier Dispute Resolution

During our Invoice Validation Service process we often identify discrepancies within our clients’ bills.

We will investigate the billing issue, negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution between yourselves and the supplier and ensure you are paying for the correct energy usage. During this process we often not only negotiate refunds for incorrectly issued bills, we also have negotiated compensation. This service has resulted in many thousands of pounds being redeemed for our clients.

Where suppliers step outside of the contract they have agreed with you we will always negotiate redress on your behalf. This is not just as a result of billing queries other common issues are objecting to transfer of the supply or failing to nominate supply at the start of a contract.

A point of difference between the service we offer and many of our competitors is that we do not ask you to share a percentage of your savings with us.