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Large Organisations

Energy spend over £50,000 per year.

Service Includes:

  • Bespoke Energy Assessment and Energy Strategy Document
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Recommendations concerning consumption reduction

Bespoke Energy Assessment and Energy Strategy Document

Following an initial consultation your Power Direct Ltd Energy Consultant will be in a position to develop an Energy Strategy Document concerning your individual energy management needs. Following an initial consultation period Power Direct Ltd will provide you with an Energy Strategy Document concerning the energy management needs of your business. This will include the following:

Current Metering, Consumption and Cost Analysis

Initially we will assess your current situation – confirm your current supplier details, establish when your contract is due to end and identify any termination requirements that are needed. We will also establish which meters you are using and for half hourly meters will confirm your consumption data, voltage and kVA details. We will automatically look at all your current energy costs to establish the benchmark figure for reductions.

Procurement Strategy

The Procurement strategy will depend on your precise needs such as:

  1. Multi-site contracting with the introduction of common end dates
  2. Fixed term/fixed price contracts
  3. Flexible buying contracts
  4. Wholesale purchase
  5. Basket purchasing

Equally we will consider when you should be purchasing your energy. Our recommendations will include up to date market analysis.

Recommendations concerning consumption reduction

For some clients there is a regulatory requirement to look at reducing consumption and for others it may be the financial rewards of spending less on energy that provides the impetus. Whatever your motivation we can work with you to achieve your goals. We will always offer green purchasing options and we will support you to meet your regulatory requirements within the green agenda. With our independent energy efficiency consultancy partners, we offer a full suite of audits and report mechanisms to help you achieve your consumption reduction aims.