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Invoice validation

Utility invoice validation

You will probably not be surprised to hear that sometimes discrepancies can occur and in the same way as you keep a close eye on any other substantial outgoings, keeping tabs on your business energy bills is of paramount importance for managing your company's profitability.

1 in 8 bills is wrong!

Energy Buildings

Our Invoice Validation (Bill Checking) Service has saved many of our clients thousands of pounds. In fact, we regularly find mistakes (its our experience that about 1 in 8 bills is wrong in some way although for accounts where we have previously not been involved this rises to about 1 in 5!).

Checking each and every individual bill can be a time consuming process and difficult to understand if you are unfamiliar with the energy industry. For this reason we offer our clients a Invoice Validation/Bill Checking Service which includes the following:

  • Checking the rates agreed with your supplier have been applied for the full period
  • Ensuring all billing is based on accurate consumption information and not estimates. We will ask you to provide meter readings and will submit them to suppliers, asking for credit and recharges to be issued where necessary.
  • Ensuring correct VAT rates are applied (many businesses are unaware of VAT reductions which may be applied for.)
  • Presenting annual budgets based on actual consumption including all energy charges 
  • Dispute resolution where supplier inaccuracies arise


What we've achieved for clients

Power Direct Ltd ESOS training

This service has resulted in many thousands of pounds being refunded to our clients.

What differentiates our service from many of our competitors is that we do not ask you to share a percentage of savings with us.



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