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Reduction Initiatives

We partner with independent energy efficiency and carbon management providers, and offer expert expert energy audits to analyse utility usage and identify potential efficiencies. In collaboration with our partners we can also help you if you are required to report on your energy consumption for regulatory purposes or because you want to reduce costs. Our services include: 

CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) & ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) Consultancy

Power Direct Ltd ESOS training

We can support clients to meet the rigorous administrative demands of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (Carbon Reduction Commitment). In addition, we can supply Lead Assessors for the ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme). For those outside the CRC regulations but required to perform audits and report on consumption within the ESOS scheme, then we can guide clients through the requirements of compliance. 

An increased awareness of the importance of energy efficiency, along with a growing legislative requirement, means many companies are seeking external advice from consultants to help them maximise their savings and decrease risk of non-compliance. Our service gives you access to expert advice and a wide range of resources, to help reduce energy bills, lower environmental impact and comply with carbon legislation.

Through our partnerships we can offer a full range of energy surveys, from basic assessments to full investment grade audits focusing on particular areas of high energy use.  

Need more information about ESOS?

For more detailed information concerning the ESOS scheme please visit our dedicated ESOS page.

Uncertain of what you need?

We appreciate that many clients need to discuss their own specific needs in some depth to determine what reduction initiatives may be mandatory or advisable.

For expert advice, please complete the form on the right or call us on 0333 1234 313.

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