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Gloucestershire based

Power Direct Ltd are business energy consultants based in Gloucestershire. We establish close relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on our open honest approach. The service we offer ensures our clients are not only paying competitive energy prices but that the contract is managed and any billing discrepancies taken care of by our team. Our clients are drawn from many different industries, all of them benefit from our expertise and advice when handling energy queries.

Your personal energy expert

Every Power Direct client has a single point of contact - an energy expert. Our aim is to be flexible and offer a service that is tailored to support your business. You can rely on us to be upfront, honest and clear about the service we offer and how much it will cost you.

1 in 8 Bills is wrong!

To get an idea of the savings we have secured for our clients this month view our Home page. These savings are mainly derived from Procurement and our Invoice Validation Service. During the Procurement process, we will always offer the most competitive unbiased prices along with advice for the most appropriate option.

Invoice Validation Service

Our Invoice Validation Service has saved many of our clients thousands of pounds. We check our clients are paying the correct amount for every energy bill that is issued to them and regularly find mistakes (about 1 in 8 bills is wrong in some way although for accounts where we have previously not been involved this rises to about 1 in 5!).

We negotiate hard on your behalf

We represent our clients throughout what is often a difficult and timely negotiation process with suppliers and, if necessary, the Ombudsman. We ensure mistakes are rectified quickly and clients compensated for the inconvenience or financial impact of the error. Our energy experts have countless tales of calling suppliers daily for months on behalf of their clients. This is valuable time that clients often can’t afford from their day. We have claimed back thousands of pounds on behalf of our clients and always ensure those savings go straight back to the client we don’t take a percentage ourselves as is often the case.

Spartal Ltd

Historically Spartal had operated two furnaces in their production line which necessitated large commercial half-hourly meters to support their electricity usage. As production methods changed one furnace was removed. We assessed their usage and realised one of the half-hourly meters was no longer needed and was incurring additional metering costs compared to a more appropriately sized meter. we arranged for the downgrade of the meter which reduced their monthly payments. Spartal has 9 electricity meters and 1 gas meter. We manage their procurement and have arranged all of their meters to a common end date to ensure competitive pricing options with the minimum time and effort on their part.

Spartal is the leading, independent, UK producer of Drawn Aluminium Tube and are based in Gloucestershire. They have been a Power Direct client for many years and as a manufacturer with high energy consumption benefit from our guidance in several areas, such as procurement and meter management.
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